Welcome to Scandria's Logistics Portal

Dr. Ulrich Bauermeister, Rostock PortDr. Bernd-Rüdiger Pahnke, DB SchenkerBengt Pihl, Scandlines

Welcome to the pages of the logistics portal of the Scandria Corridor, focus of the Scandria Project.

The Scandria Corridor means the shortest connection between Scandinavia and the Adriatic Sea via Central Europe.

The Scandria Corridor stands for safe, efficient and environmentally friendly transport solutions. It supports innovative logistics solutions, relying on intermodal transport and first-class transport links.

The Scandria initiative has grown to a broad cooperation of more than 100 stakeholders from politics, administration, science and businesses from Scandinavia to Veneto Region.

The Corridor offers a network of well-developed and congestion free motorways and high-performance rail connections combined with outstanding logistic services.