The Scandria Corridor

The Scandria corridor means the shortest connection between Scandinavia and the Adriatic Sea via Central Europe. Highly-productive and innovative regions and efficient north-south connections link more than 93 million people in eleven European states.

Scandria stands for safe, efficient and environmentally friendly transport. It supports innovative logistics solutions, relying on intermodal transport and first-class transport links. Most of all it is a dynamic business region, connecting some of the most advanced knowledge-driven economies throughout Europe.

The political initiative for the corridor evolved over the years. Starting with the Berlin declaration and COINCO-charter it led to the approval of the Scandria project in EU’s Baltic Sea Region Program.

Focusing on the area from Stockholm and Oslo via the Øresund Region to Berlin, the Scandria project contributes to the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region, facilitating the coordination of the national transport policies and infrastructure investments in order to improve co-modality and road safety.

Intention of the corridor initiative is the encouragement of Trans-European cooperation of business stakeholders from Sweden all the way to the Adriatic region. Therefore the North-South-Initiative, representing businesses and chambers of commerce along the corridor is an important partner. The Scandria initiative has grown to a broad cooperation of more than 100 stakeholders from politics, administration, science and businesses.