Østfold, Akershus and Oslo – The entrance to Norway

Due to the physical barrier of the Skanden mountains there are only few road or rail connections from Sweden to Norway. 

One of them leads through southeast Norway. Transport from southern Sweden to Norway – e. g. from the Øresund region or Gothenburg – crosses this region. For that reason, out of Norway‘s annual goods turnover of 24 million tons, 40% is handled in the regions of Østfold, Akershus and Oslo.

Norway’s central north-south road connection, the E6 (starting in Trelleborg in southern Sweden) runs through these regions. From Oslo there is also access to the railway connection to northern Norway as well as to locations west and south of Oslo.

Best practice:

The port of Oslo is Norway’s biggest port – both with regard to freight and passenger transport. Due to its location in the middle of the city, Oslo port has set a strong focus on reducing green house gas and noise emissions. With an annual turnover of 5.9 million tons (2008), this is not an easy task. The environment plays an important role when planning, developing and running the port. For the first time in 2001 the port received a certification for the international environment standard ISO 14001. The port has taken this as a motivation to do even more to become greener. E. g. the energy usage of the port buildings has been reduced by 20 % between 2004 and 2008. Currently it is planned to have the ships connected to an electricity plug during their stay at the port.

Facts and Figures

Information about the region
Size of the region 1
9,554 km² (2011)
Number of inhabitants 1
1.1 mio (2011, only Oslo and Akershus)
GDP per capita 1
60,200 € (2009, Norway)
Export 2
2.7 mio t (2008)
Import 2
3.5 mio t (2008)
People employed in the transport / logistics sector 3
no data
Most important hubs and ports
Oslo port 3
5.7 mio t (2011)
Borg Havn IKS 3
2.8 mio t (2011)
Moss 3
0.4 mio t (2011)

Sources: 1: Eurostat; 2: related to road transport only; 3: Oslo Borg and Moss port homepages

Johanna Ludvigsen,
Institute of Transport Economics, Oslo