Region Zealand - The Gateway to the Öresund Region

Region Zealand has a strategically important location in the transport axis between Scandinavia in the East, the mainland of Denmark in the West and the European continent in the South.

The region is well situated in-between the new fixed links to the Western parts of Denmark and the Öresund Region in the East. With the coming new fixed link to Germany via Fehmarn Belt, Region Zealand will truly become a central location for distribution and logistics activities in the Öresund Region and serve as a gateway to the Scandinavian market.

Region Zealand is well connected with 4 and 6 lane highways, and a modern railway network that is being upgraded as part of a new railway corridor between the Öresunds Region and Northern Germany via Fehmarn Belt. These transport corridors are also parts of EU’s TEN-T core network. The region has a large cluster of logistics and distribution companies serving the large consumer market in the neighbouring Greater Copenhagen as well as facilitating the mobility of goods for regional, national and international customers in Scandinavia and Europe.

East-West-Connection as fixed link connecting islands in Central Denmark (source: Sund & Belt 2012)
The Great Belt Bridge between Zealand and Fuen (source: Sund & Belt 2012)

Best practice:

Despite the many new and coming fixed links connecting Region Zealand to Scandinavia and Europe, there still exist a strong and innovative ferry business linking specialised ferry ports in the region with counterparts in Germany and the Western parts of Denmark. These ferry lines – e.g. Rödby-Puttgarden, Gedser-Rostock and Kalundborg-Aarhus – serve as vital links in large companies’ just-in-time organised distribution systems.

An excellent example is the new investment in large and fast ferries on the Scandlines connection Gedser-Rostock by summer 2012, which will be supplemented by better access and drive-through procedures to minimise time friction at the ports.

Facts and Figures

Information about the region
Size of the region 1
9,834 km² (2009)
Number of inhabitants 1
819,222 (2011)
GDP per capita 1
29,467 € (2010)
Export 2
no data
Import 2
no data
People employed in the
transport / logistics sector 3
23,639 (2004)
Most important hubs and ports
Port of Rødby 4 5.7 mio t (2006)
Port of Kalundborg 4
3.8 mio t (2006)
Port of Gedser 4 1.7 mio t (2006)
Port of Køge 4 1.2 mio t (2006)

Sources: 1: Region Zealand (2011); 2: Statistics Denmark (2012); 3: Godstransportens utvikling i Öresundsregionen (2006); 4: Statistics Denmark (2012)

Leif Gjesing Hansen,
Region Zealand