Jyväskylä – A region of expertise

With about 170,000 inhabitants and more than 10,000 companies, many of which operate in the global market, Jyväskylä is one of the fastest growing regions in Finland.

The most important aspect that attracts businesses to this region is its geographically central location. It is logistically advantageous within both Finland and Europe, along with a comprehensive array of know-how in a myriad of professional fields and education services.

Link from the Scandria Corridor to eastern Europe and Asia

The location of the Jyväskylä region at the heart of Finland is optimal with excellent transport links by air, road and rail within Finland and Europe. Finland also plays an important role in the supply chains which reach deep into Eastern Europe and Asia. Jyväskylä has excellent road connections all over Finland, Scandinavia and Europe. Its railway connections lead to Sweden, Europe and via Russia to China.

Good road connections from Jyväskylä to all ports in Finland guarantee a successful foreign trade.
From our ports there exist RoRo- and LoLo-connections to big ports in Sweden and Northern Europe. Via these large hubs the goods can be delivered efficiently and quickly to customers all over the world.

Railway traffic from Finland and through Finland is developing all the time. New passenger and cargo transport connections have opened and will be opened in increasing frequency. These fast and efficient connections will open new markets in economically fast growing regions.

Jyväskylä closely cooperates with partners in the Scandria project to develop an innovative joint transport network throughout Europe. The region connects the corridor with Eastern Europe and Asia.

Best practice:

At Innoroad Business Park high-quality business networks are to be found in the road transport sector (e. g. transport service companies) which businesses can use to manage their logistic requirements.
Here they receive the support they need for developing their expertise and business operations.

Facts and Figures

Information about the region
Size of the region 1
21,672 km² (2009)
Number of inhabitants 1
272,784 (2009)
GDP per capita 1
28,102 € (2007)
Export 2
1,318 mio € (2009)
Import 2
483 mio € (2009)
People employed in the
transport / logistics sector 3
no data
Most important hubs and ports
Sköldvik (Mainly liquid
goods) 4
21 mio t (2009)
Helsinki 4
10 mio t (2009)
Kotka 4 8 mio t (2009)
Naantali 4 7 mio t (2009)

Sources: 1: Keskisuomi.info; 2: Statistics Finland; 3: Finnish Customs; 4: Finnish Port Association

Jani Viitasaari,
TransAct Ltd