Halland – Connected to Kattegat and the Nordic Triangle

Role within the Corridor

With a dense network of ports Halland offers flexible and attractive shipping and logistics.

The ports in Halland are Halmstad Port, Falkenberg´s Terminal and Terminal West (Varberg). Compared to the major adjacent ports such as Gothenburg and Helsingborg, relatively small volumes are handled. But if we consider the fact that the ports are located close to one another, the picture appears somewhat different. In addition, the ports have to be assessed according to the nature of the goods that they handle. Varberg is one of the major sawn timber goods ports in Sweden.

The ports are connected to high class infrastructure. The railway Västkustbanan and motorway E6 are included in the Trans-European transport network (TEN-T) as a part of the Nordic Triangle Stockholm - Oslo - Copenhagen.

The majority of the Västkustbana is built as a double track. The final section of the enlargement of the double track through Halland is the extension of a city tunnel in Varberg.

The proximity to high class infrastructure caused many logistics companies to establish their headquarter in Halland, such as Biltema and Netto.

Best practice:

Halmstad habour is offering environmental friendly transport solutions with two new railway shuttles Halmstad - Norrland and Halmstad - Västerås/ Mälardal.

Halmstad offers flexible and attractive shipping and logistics
Halmstad offers flexible and attractive shipping and logistics

Facts and Figures

Information about the region
Size of the region 5,719 km² (2010)
Number of inhabitants 0.3 mio (2010)
GDP per capita 34,646 € (2008)
Export no data
Import no data
People employed in the
transport / logistics sector
Most important hubs and ports
Halmstad 2.10 mio t (2009)
Varberg 1.64 mio t (2009)
Falkenberg 0.41 mio t (2009)
Josefin Selander,
Region Halland
Mats Jönsson,
Port of Halmstad