Goal 3

Reduced climatic and environmental impact – make Scandria a „green freight transport corridor”


Develop a concrete marketable offer of „green logistics services” in the Scandria Corridor

Action proposal 3:

Development of a concrete marketable offer of „green logistics services”


Make sustainability a decision criterion in transport chain choice


  • „Green” logistics services packages based on existing environmentally friendly logistics services
  • Define tasks and duties of transport chain partners with respect to environmental, operational and legal obligations
  • „Environmental footprints” of transport services in the corridor published – Use of tools for their calculation
  • Declaration of environmental footprint on relevant commercial documents (freight documents, invoices etc.)
  • Scandria internet portal serves for development and marketing of „green logistics services” (www.scandria.eu)

  • Promote environmental management in logistics enterprises operating in the Scandria corridor
  • Promote an environmentally sound modal split
  • Develop a low-emissions services package
  • Prepare for the transport consequences of the IMO regulation on sulphur content in marine fuels
  • Study solutions for sustainable city logistics in the corridor and develop best-practice proposals


Logistics service providers, shipping companies, state and regional authorities, business associations, chambers of commerce etc.