Goal 2

Development of logistics „value-added services”


Promote the development, diversification and networking of logistic centers

Action proposal 2:

Logistics Service Terminals Network serving LTL and FTL cargoes, offering railway and combined transport pre- and on-carriage and shortsea shipping


Provide the infrastructure for the development of a diversified offer of logistics value-added services. Provide terminals and nodes for the Scandria blocktrain and „Green Line” projects (www.scandriaproject.eu).


  • Identification of suitable locations with direct access to rail and sea transport
  • Model business project for terminal operation
  • Ample offer of railway pre-carriage and on-carriage
  • Development of multi-modal service packages
  • Marco Polo II project for the collaboration and connection of logistics services terminals

  • Develop inland logistics centers as „sub-hubs” in the hinterland of seaports
  • Develop collaborative networks of logistic service providers
  • Cooperation for higher competence in land based and off-shore wind power generation logistics
  • Logistics for gas and/or electric driven vehicles
  • Provide sites close to ports and other freight centers for the location of logistics enterprises


Logistics associations, regional governments, local administration, logistics service providers