Goal 1

Improved competitiveness and marketing of corridor transport services in relation to competing corridors strengthen the position of the Scandria corridor in the European logistics market


Establish a Scandria Logistics Network (SLN)

Action proposal 1:

Create the Scandria Logistics Network as Part of the Scandria Alliance for fostering the development of the Scandria Corridor


Provide a platform for dialogue and co-operation between logistics partners in the Scandria Corridor


  • Organization/support to various forms of contact for the logistics business community
  • Starting ad-hoc sub-groups dealing with subjects of common interest in the Scandria Corridor logistics community
  • Lobby action at the regional and international level
  • Operation of the Scandria Logistics Online Portal „Logistics in the Scandinavian Adriatic Corridor” continuing and extending the portal developed in the current Scandria project (www.scandria.eu)


  • Identify market niches and occupy them
  • Prepare the practical implementation of new shipping lines
  • Make advantage of infrastructure capacity reserves to develop specific logistics services, i.e. heavy transport
  • Market research, promote networks of shippers and logistic service providers
  • Establish and operate a „Scandria” internet portal



Business associations, chambers of commerce, regional logistics initiatives